IELTS Speaking Practice

IELTS Test, Speaking Practice

Are you taking the IELTS exam?

For those who have to take the IELTS (explained here), often times the speaking part is the most difficult as well as the most nerve racking. But don’t let it be!

Can BBE help you with personalized speaking reinforcement program?

Take a look at these speaking questions and suggested answers. See what most people answer, as well as how you should answer.

Question: Tell me about your family.
Common Answer: There are three people in my family.
Better Answer: In China today, a majority of families have three members, and my family is no exception.
Note: This sentence is built with three parts. First is the place, China. Second is the situation, many families with three people. Third is this person’s family.

Question: What is your hometown like?
Common Answer: My hometown is very nice.
Better Answer: Although my hometown is not very famous, it has several advantages that make it a great place to live.

Question: How do you feel about your job?
Common Answer: I like my job very much.
Better Answer: Although you might not believe it, I really enjoy my job every day.

Question: What do you dislike about your classes?
Common Answer: Studying is very difficult.
Better Answer: When I think about how hard my classes, I feel like quitting, which is one reason I’ve decided to go abroad.
Note: The question is about a feeling and the answer is about a feeling. Good!

Question: What do you want to do in the future?
Common Answer: I want to be a lawyer in the future.
Better Answer: I first thought about being a lawyer when I was a child, and now, after many long years of study, it seems my dream will become reality.
Note: Excellent! Compare the past dream with the present hard work to show the bright future!

Question: What do you do in your free time?
Common Answer: In my free time I like to play sports.
Better Answer: If I ever had free time, I would probably do many different things, including playing sports, listening to music, and going out with my friends.
Note: Good examples.

Question: Tell me about a typical day in your life.
Common Answer: My typical day begins when I wake up.
Better Answer: After resting all night, I wake up every morning looking forward to a new day.

Question: What will you do when you go abroad?
Common Answer: I want to study Computer Science in Australia.
Better Answer: If I am able to get a visa, I hope to learn about Computer Science in Brisbane, Australia, so that I can come back to China and work for a successful local company.

Question: What are some typical jobs that people do in your country?
Common Answer: Many people in China work as farmers.
Better Answer: One of the biggest industries in China is agriculture, so there are a large number of people working as farmers.

Question: Tell me about a celebration or festival in your country.
Common Answer: The Spring Festival is the biggest holiday of the year in China.
Better Answer: When winter is coming to an end, which means a new spring is not far behind, and that is when we in China have our largest celebration of the year, the Spring Festival.

Question: Do you like to go shopping?
Common Answer: I hate shopping, but I have to do it.
Better Answer: When I think of shopping, I think of all the crowds, all the difficult choices, and all the money I will have to spend, so I hate to go shopping.

Did you learn anything? What? Tell us in the comments or on our facebook page!!

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