Bogota Business English Conversation Club: Preview for August 1st- Reference Materials!

Hello friends and English learners of Bogota!

Did you know that there is a FREE English conversation club each week in la Zona G? Join us at 6pm on August 1st at Authors Bookstore (Calle 70 #5-23). This is an excellent opportunity to practice your English and meet new people!!

This week we will be talking about REFERENCE MATERIALS: all of the books and guides that you need to learn English! We will have recommendations and suggestions for you to improve your English.

At Bogota Business English, we want to do EVERYTHING to make sure you are learning English effectively! To promote this idea, we will be giving a way a FREE glass of wine to the first 2 people who come prepared with the preparation assignment!!

PREP WORK FOR THE CONVERSATION CLUB: Bring your written answers with you for a FREE GLASS OF WINE!:

1) What is a thesaurus? What function does it serve? Have you ever used a thesaurus?

2) Write out the past, present and future tense conjugations of the verb “To Be”.

3) What is the most effective way to learn English?

Make sure to come early and bring your written answers for a FREE GLASS OF WINE!

At the conversation club we will be talking about the following materials:




Make sure to bring some extra cash$$$ with you to the conversation club, you DO NOT want to miss this opportunity to purchase these excellent books!

You will meet lots of new people at the conversation club, so watch this video to make sure you are prepared to meet new people!!!




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