Bogota Business English Conversation Club Preview: Manners and Etiquette!

Hello friends! Come and practice your English this Wednesday, August 8th at the Bogota Business English and Authors Bookstore conversation club! It begins at 6pm on Calle 70 #5-23. This week we are going to talk about manners and etiquette.

While we practice English we will enjoy light music, beverages & wine and good friends! Please bring your friends, family and co-workers to improve your English.

Here is a quick look at some of the subjects we will be discussing this week…

  1. Have you ever heard of the term ‘netiquette’? It has to do with manners on the internet and computers, i.e. writing emails, participating in online chats, etc. What do you consider to be proper ‘netiquette’.
  2. Talk about telephone etiquette. Have you ever had a conversation on the phone in English? What are some polite phrases for talking on the phone in English?
  3. Did you know that most Americans and British people find it awkward to give small kisses when greeting someone or saying goodbye? Can you think of some other things that might be different between Colombian etiquette and
  4. What are some common rules of etiquette in Colombia? What do you think is the most important one? Do you have any pet peeves about manners? (What is a pet peeve?!)
  5. Talk about the most annoying person you know! J Do you think they have bad manners? Why/how?

Here is an interesting video about cellular phone etiquette in the U.S. Do you think Colombians have good telephone etiquette?

See you this Wednesday at 6pm!


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