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Bogota Business English Conversation Club Preview for September 26th: BOGOTA!

Do you want to practice English in Bogota? Are you looking for English conversation? Bogota Business English invites you to Authors Bookstore (Calle 70 #5-23) every Wednesday night from 6-8 pm for our Conversation Club!

This week we will be talking about some of the following topics:

  1. What are your favorite restaurants in this city? What dish do you recommend from those places?
  2. Would you rather live in a big city or in the country side? What are some of the pros and cons between the two?
  3. What are a few or your wishes or dreams for Bogota?
  4. What are some of you favorite hangouts here?
  5. What are some good recreational activities that people can do on the weekend in and around Bogota? What type of activities do you like to do?
  6. What types of food is Bogota famous for?
  7. What else is Bogota famous for? What do you think this city will be known for in the future?

Watch this YouTube video about Bogota’s TransMilenio system. What do you think about TransMilenio? Email us at!


BBE Conversation Club preview for September 29th; Movies!

Looking for a place to practice your English? Want to find some cool books in English? Join BBE’s conversation club @ Authors Bookstore (Cll 70 #5-23) at 6 pm! We will be talking about movies this week!

What’s your favorite movie?

What is a subtitle? Do you use subtitles?

These are some things that we will talk about at the Bogota Business English conversation club. Bring your friends and family for a cool place to practice English!

Have you ever seen a movie trailer in English? Check out this trailer from the movie Cool Runnings!

BBE Conversation Club for September 4th: FOOD!

Hey Everyone!

Please come to the conversation club this week at Authors Bookstore! We are going to talk about FOOD! Authors will also be providing VIP passes to the food event at Corferias…WOW!! This is going to be a great event to learn English related to FOOD, everyone’s favorite subject.

Bogota Business English  is proud to offer you the Conversation Club FREE! Each week at 6pm at Calle 70 # 5-23 we begin the conversation club. This is a great opportunity to practice English, meet new friends and network with other professionals.

This week we are also going to be talking a little bit about organic food. Check out this video to get familiar with the subject!