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Present Perfect Again

The present perfect simple is have/has + past participle. The past participle often ends in -ed, but many important verbs are irregular.

When we say that “something has happened,” this is usually new information:

  • Damn! I’ve cut my finger.
  • The road is closed. There’s been (there has been) an accident.
  • (from the news) Police have arrested two men in connection with the robbery.
  • I have contacted Bogotá Business English to help me learn.

When we use the present perfect, there isa connection with this moment. It’s an action in the past that has a result of now.

  • Where’s your key? I don’t know. I’ve lost it. (I don’t have it now)
  • He told me his name, but I’ve forgotten it. (I can’t remember it now)
  • Is Sally here? No, she’s gone out. (She is out now)
  • I can’t find my bag. Have you seen it? (Do you know where it is now?)

At BBE, we wish we have written all of this information, but we haven’t. We are very grateful to to Raymond Murphy, whom has published some wonderful guides entitled Essential Grammar in Use. If you wish to find more information by Mr. Murphy, search through various websites or contact BBE and let us help you get any study guide you may desire!